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Book - Lotus Birth book

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Compiled by Shivam Rachana, Lotus Birth contains many case histories, photographic illustrations and writings by health professionals.

"At last Shivam Rachana has gathered together the Lotus Birth lore from around the world so that we might welcome babies more fully by honoring the fourth stage of labour. This book is destined to be a classic in the conscious birth literature and will re-earth the evolution of humanity by its invitation to explore Eros' museum, the placenta. Being a grandmother and a midwife, I am by nature quite patient yet I think  6,000 years is long enough to remember the original Tree of Life. I am grateful to Rachana for co-creating this volume of wisdom, so that we   can become the families the Earth wants now. I hope anyone who is called         to heal the Earth by healing birth, as well as anyone who was born and who cares about our future, will read and share the beauty of this book."
Jeannine Parvati Baker: author of 'Prenatal Yoga & Natural Birth'; 'HYGIEIA-A Woman's Herbal'; 'Conscious Conception'; and 'Elemental Journey through the Labyrinth of Sexuality' (with Frederick Baker).

A world-first, this book is a groundbreaking work for parents, midwives, obstetricians and other health professionals working with pregnancy and birth.

"LOTUS BIRTH is an educational tool generous in resource and reference. It gives us the who, the why, the how to, and the implications for humankind if we don't slowdown and make a radical paradigm shift. These people have!"

Binnie A Dansby: Author, Philosopher And Psychotherapist Specializing In Pre And Perinatal Psychology.