Lotus Birth

Lotus birth is the practice that supports the integrity of the mother and baby’s biological system.

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“At last, Shivam Rachana has gathered together the lotus birth lore from around the world so that we might welcome babies more fully by honoring the fourth stage of labor.” 

– Jeannine Parvati Baker

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Lotus Birth Benefits

Discover all the benefits for a mother and baby.

A new mother right after giving birth, looking down at her breastfeeding newborn baby with the placenta attached

Having a Lotus Birth

Find out how to have a lotus birth.

Lotus Birth Meaning

What’s the spiritual meaning of lotus birth?

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The term ‘cord blood’ is misleading. The blood collected via the umbilical cord is the baby’s blood. When adults donate blood it is collected via the arm. We don’t refer to that blood as ‘arm blood’.  

– Dr Rachel Reed