How To Make A Lotus Bag – Video

September 20, 2023
A black and white photo of a newborn baby attached to the mother's breast.

The journey of childbirth is a profound and transformative experience, marked by a myriad of traditions and practices from around the world. Among these, Lotus Birth has gained attention for its holistic approach to welcoming a new life. Central to this practice is creating a placenta bag, a simple yet meaningful addition to the birthing process. 

Why Make a Placenta Bag for Lotus Birth? 

Lotus Birth encourages an extended period of time where the newborn remains attached to the placenta, waiting for the cord to naturally separate from the navel. By crafting a placenta bag, parents are provided with a tangible way to honour this connection, fostering a sense of reverence and closeness to the life-giving organ that sustained their baby during pregnancy.

Crafting a placenta bag is a hands-on way to participate in this holistic journey, allowing parents to engage with the process on multiple levels. Making a placenta bag invites parents to pause, reflect, and connect with the essence of birth, fostering a deep sense of mindfulness and presence.

Gather your materials

The placenta bag is two bags, with an inner lining that goes inside the outer bag. 

The inner bag should be made from fabric, such as cotton, calico or even an old sheet. Some families like to make two of these lining bags, which allows for washing.  

The outer bag should be made from a mid-weight fabric, such as velvet or corduroy. Some families like to choose a pattern or fabric with embellishments that symbolise the completeness of the birthing process.

You will need enough of both materials to make a back and front of the inner lining and the outer bag, plus the extension that will hold the umbilical cord:

  • Outer bag: 80cm x 80cm
  • Inner bag: 74cm x 77cm (if making two bags 148cm x 77cm)

You will also need velcro dots to attach so the bags can be easily opened and closed when needed. 

Dimensions of the bag

The main body of the outer bag is a circle 40 cm in diameter. You can trace around a large bowl or mark out a circle with pins. Remember to have two layers of your fabric together when cutting out to form the front and back. 

The inner lining needs to be slightly smaller to fit inside the outer bag, 37 cm in diameter. Again, remember to have two layers of your inner lining fabric together when cutting out to form the front and back. 

The extension section of the bag that contains the umbilical cord is cut at the same time as the main circular part of the bag. 

Once the fabric is cut out, it can be sewn together to form the placenta bag. The video explains the best way to sew the circular area. 

When the bags are complete, you can then attach the velcro dots, ready for use. 

As you embark on the journey of crafting a placenta bag for your Lotus Birth, you’re embracing not just a physical task, but a deeply symbolic and spiritual practice. This video provides you with the essential steps needed to create this meaningful addition to your birthing experience.